Keep Kauai Akamai

What I Stand For

Victoria Franks

​Do you feel your current State Representative is LISTENING to you and your Ohana’s concerns?  Are you happy with the decisions she is making in Honolulu?  

People on the South Side, West Side & Ni’ihau often feel forgotten and left behind--that we are abandoned, always left for last, with our needs disregarded.  Well, NO MORE!

As your representative I will hear your voice and address your needs!  I will serve the needs of the INDIVIDUAL 

people from Koloa to

Ni’ihau, not the

“special interests”.

Please Vote For 


                            Mahalo and God Bless YOU!

About Me

As your representative I will:

  •  Work to end homelessness  
  •  Support our Ohana and family values  
  •  Support updating our schools & improve education for our Keiki
  • Support common sense legislation while planning for our future

My husband Steve and I have been married for 29 years and have 3 children.

I have worked in the visitor industry, in finance and
taught in local schools as
well as being in full-time
ministry with King's
Cathedral & Chapels for
over 25 years.

We currently serve on the

Mayor's task force for